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More Over-The-Top Insightful Commentary From The Total Stranger

Behind the blog CNBC Sucks. I have gotten some pretty classic emails from strangers in my day but rare is the stranger capable of so compellingly blending sociological observations, career advice, political commentary and sexual advances.

Naturally, he is eager to meet Tracie.

(P.S. CNBC Sucks would seem to be slightly disgruntled about getting banned from the Feministing community. I don’t really get the full story, but it’s apparently complicated.)

From: CNBC Sucks
Sent: Dec 6, 2008 1:39 PM
Subject: Good afternoon, and how male frustration with online female delusion feeds the disease of libertarianism

Good, afternoon, Maureen Tkacik!

How ya doin’?

Not that I have ever perused online personal ads, but I have been fascinated by this blog that rants against American women.  I must admit that I find some of the commentary regarding the women’s personal ads amusing, but I am alarmed that after several leaps of logic, these men’s frustration with women lead to a more generalized attack on feminism and liberalism and even some to find comfort in the evil Peter Shit.  Like, what the fuck?

I will write more later.  I just wanted to say hello and wish you a happy Saturday.

————— Forwarded message —————
From: CNBC Sucks
Date: Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 1:35 AM
Subject: Re: Chat with

Helloe Moe,

By magnitude, do you mean the magnitude of the economic shitburger (h/t Jon Stewart) we will be enjoying for the next few years?  I saw a little of “people’s awareness” in the conference at which I spoke, perhaps because my presentation was partly about the economic shitburger.

I left a comment on your Jezebel post about Paul Janka, but I think “Larry Kudlow sucks.” is too OT to make it past the moderator.  I found your post amusing and your experience with Janka engrossing if tawdry (I am a sensitive guy for someone who writes about Michelle Caruso-Cabrera’s “mad skillz”), but for whatever reason, “Larry Kudlow sucks.” was my reaction.

My main purpose for mentioning the online-dating-frustration-induced, anti-woman blog was to demonstrate how cultural factors somehow translate themselves into political points of view, which then determine our economic condition.  Because some idiot blames Oprah for his inability to get laid, he also takes up Peter Shit’s Austrian school nonsense against Obama.  Cultural reactions get conjointed with economic dogma.  I think Thomas Frank was over-the-top insightful with What’s the Matter with Kansas?, I believe Frank’s insights informed Obama’s successful campaign, and progressives would be wise to never forget such insights.

You are of course a very independent woman and thus will do whatever you want, but I think you should leave the “Internet relationship” book to Jessica Valenti or some similar writer.  It does not require a Moe Tkacik to tell the world that Internet relationships are bad for society.  Since you say you should be writing “something ambitious”, I would suggest you write about something more interesting than sex on the Internet: taxation.  I think taxation has been the core ideological issue underlying American politics over the last 20 years, along with lax regulation and feeding the debt-financed military-industrial complex that has sustained our economy, at least temporarily.  I think all of the cultural stuff is a sideshow, a distraction promoted by the conservative elite to divide the proletariat.  Valenti’s “my past boyfriends were pricks so let me bitch about anything remotely offensive from men” brand of feminism only serves to obfuscate the core economic death struggle between right and left, largely to the benefit of the right and ultimately to the detriment of us all.

I don’t knoe, Moe.  I have been having trouble articulating this point of view, which was what I wanted to cover in my final 10 posts on CNBC Sucks.  Then again, maybe this whole email was just preamble for me to ask:

Do you really have HPV?

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